Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering - Volume 1

Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering - Volume 1

Journal of Advanced Plastic Surgery Research

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J. Miner. Met. Mater. Eng.
ISSN: 2414-2115
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Inhibitive Action of Capparis Spinosa Extract on the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in an Aqueous Medium of Hydrochloric Acid – Pages 1-7
O. Id El Mouden, A. Anejjar, R. Salghi, S. Jodeh, O. Hamed, I. Warad, M. Zougagh and R.S. Dassanayake

Actual Study Regarding Air Pollution with PM10 and Heavy Metals in the Influential Area of Rovinari Thermal Power StationPages – 8-13
Camelia Căpăţînă and Adrian Runceanu

Silica Gel Synthesized from Oil Palm Boiler AshPages – 14-18
Kien-Woh Kow, Loo Yi Mun and Rozita Yusoff

Effect of Iron Substitution in Hydroxyapatite Matrix on Swelling Properties of Composite BeadPages – 19-25
Samaneh Saber-Samandari, Hamed Yekta and Saeed Saber-Samandari

Development of Gradient Composites using Fly-Ash-Epoxy and Sliding Wear BehaviorPages – 26-28
U.K. Dwivedi and B. Purkayastha

Reusing of Oil Industry Waste as Secondary Material in Clay BricksPages – 29-39
D. Eliche-Quesada

Comparison of Flow Characteristics on the Both Sides of Porous Preform in Resin Transfer MoldingPages - 40-46
Ming-Hsieh Hsien, Chih-Yuan Chang and Lih-Wu Hourng

Analysis of Kerf Width and Cutting Speed Characteristics of Aluminium/Tungsten Carbide CompositesPages – 47-56
K. Ravi Kumar, V.S. Sreebalaji and V. Ganesan

Comparison between the Performance of Fluidized Bed and Barrel Rectors for the Plasma Activation of Polymer ParticlesPages – 57-64
H.M. Abourayana, J.N. Barry, P. Dobbyn and D.P. Dowling

The Clays in the Messinian Alluvial Fan Deposits of Ulukisla-Nigde Basin, Central Anatolia-TurkeyPages – 65-72
Burhan Davarcioğlu

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