Vol 3, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Pain Management of Acute Herpes Zoster PDF
Steven Waldman, Reid Waldman1, Corey Waldman, Alexa Altman 31-36
Ultrasound Guided Genicular Nerve Block-A Motor Sparing Technique for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Knee Pain PDF
Steven Waldman, Corey Waldman, Reid Waldman, Michael Meng 37-43
Low and Ultra-Low CSE Anesthesia in Elective Cesarean Sections. Prospective Randomized and Experimental Study PDF
L. Puertas, E. Guasch, E. Alsina, A. Dominguez, N. Brogly, F. Gilsanz 44-49
Non-Logarithmic Equation for Acid Base State in the Blood PDF
Hanan Khafagy, Hossam El-Sabae 50-52
Successful Treatment of Neuropathic Pain and Mood Symptoms with Duloxetine in a Patient with West Nile Virus Infection PDF
Ian Fowler, Ross Gliniecki, Lauren Mattingly 53-56