Global Journal of Breast Cancer Research

Table of Contents
Volume 2, No. 1, September 2014

Profiling and Characterization of Breast Cancer Based on Noncoding RNA Analysis Pages 1-7
Akihiko Osaki, Hiroko Shimada, Ikuko Sugitani, Michiko Sugiyama, Noriko Nakamiya, Eiko Hirokawa, Takashi Shigekawa, Shigeto Ueda, Hideki Takeuchi and Toshiaki Saeki

Perceptions of Breast Cancer Screening in Older Chinese Women: A Meta-Ethnography Pages 8-18
Maggi Banning and Nessie Shia

Marker-Adjusted Personalized Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer Pages 19-26
G.P. Guens, N.I. Moiseeva, O.G.Ovsii, E.Y. Rybalkina and A.A. Stavrovskaya

Case Report: A Rare Anomaly of the Anterior Thoracic Chest Wall Accompanied by Scoliosis Pages 27-29
Rikki Singal, Ashish Khandelwal, Gaurav Bhatia, Bhanu Sharma and Abhishek Sharma


I agree as well with you for the huge impact the open access journals are having actually, and will have even more in the future. Giving authors the chance to publish quickly, through a fair peer review process, their research; and making this research readily available to the entire scientific community, this entire process has already began with the International Journal of Clinical Toxicology.
Dr. Gentian Vyshka3-2-2014University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania